Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recap of our January 15 meeting

This weeks' theme was Promises. What do you think a promise means to you? Do you loosely promise things or do you make sure you keep your promises? Lots of great answers this week. The Word of the week was Insipid which meant uninteresting. The meeting on Jan. 15 was far from insipid. There were two great speeches. Both from two new members Vijaya and Cheryl. Vijaya's speech was on how to make a successful speech opening. Did you know that ideally the opening of the speech is about 5-10% of the speech time? The first steps he taught were key: Get Attention, Introduce the topic, Establish rapport. Cheryl's speech was one she is practicing to give professionally on Medical Identity Theft. Interesting on how people can take your identity. You always learn something new at Toastmasters. The Table Topics was conducted by Rodger in which he gave a word to the participant and had the participants guess what the word meant before Rodger giving the group the real definition. Quite the responses for that question. Great energy and people as always. Till next week.

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