Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recap of March 12th Meeting

Great meeting last Saturday. The theme was about Daylight Savings Time in which Leo gave very interesting Table Topics questions. The word of the day was Neophyte which means a beginner. We also initiated or actually reinstated a new member Diana . Diana was with Saturday Savants over 30 years ago. We look forward in her sharing the history of the club with us. Hettie Allsup gave an educational speech about The Building Blocks of the Toastmasters Club. She had a great visual representation of all the accomplishments presented using cardboard bricks. She gave a thorough presentation and explained how you could go through the Toastmaster International Communication and Leadership Tracks. Next week is our themed meeting Coffee Time VS. Miller Time. Do you most enjoy your coffee or beer? We will discuss this next week at our next meeting or you can discuss by leaving us a comment.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Upcoming Speech Contest - Passport to Public Speaking

District 4, Area 15 Toastmasters Presents Table Topics and International Speech Contest

When:April 9, 2011 at 12-2pm for Area 15

Cost is $5 and includes Lunch, Amazing speeches and Opportunity Drawing.

Where: San Diego Christian College, Room #7: 2100 Greenfield Dr., El Cajon, CA 92019.

To volunteer contact Debra Bertram (Area 15 Governor) at

Upcoming Themes for our Meetings

We have come up with "Themes" for the next four months. We have a special "Themed" meeting once a month. These meetings are extra fun because it gets everyone to participate in either eating, wearing, or debating about a specific topic in advance. In the past we have had topics such as Sports, Hawaiian, Breakfast themed meetings and they have been a blast.

March 19 - Coffee Time vs. Miller Time
April 23 - 70's Disco
May 21- Games
June 18 - Ice Cream

Recap of the March 3 Meeting

By: Jennifer Boyd

Great meeting on March 3. I think this is the biggest turnout to date. There were 18 at our meeting and it was full of great content. The theme of the week was "The Kings Speech." In our introductions we shared when we first learned we had a voice. Many of our answers included the fact that we were a part of Toastmasters and that we had something to share with others. The word of the day was Disparity which means the difference. For example, The disparity of how much the CEO makes and the receptionist is quite a bit. We then had 3 great speeches from Vijaya, Rodger and Annabelle. Vijaya gave a great informational speech on how an internet password works and what it takes to hack a password. The biggest tip is to make your password 13 characters. The speech from Rodger was on the 6 thinking hats to make a better decision. There are different ways of thinking of a something, his visual example on how to lead a better meeting by assigning people to different methods of thought was great information. It leads me to think you can make your time more effective in a meeting by assigning different thought processes. The last speech was a personal story by Annabelle who came to America with $65 dollars in her pocket. Her goal was to be successful and have her mother praise and love her for it. This was a heartfelt story and we applaud her for sharing such a personal journey with us.

As you read our meetings are different every time and because of the diverse group we have, I believe that Saturday Savants has something for everyone. Great Job, See you next Saturday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recap of our January 15 meeting

This weeks' theme was Promises. What do you think a promise means to you? Do you loosely promise things or do you make sure you keep your promises? Lots of great answers this week. The Word of the week was Insipid which meant uninteresting. The meeting on Jan. 15 was far from insipid. There were two great speeches. Both from two new members Vijaya and Cheryl. Vijaya's speech was on how to make a successful speech opening. Did you know that ideally the opening of the speech is about 5-10% of the speech time? The first steps he taught were key: Get Attention, Introduce the topic, Establish rapport. Cheryl's speech was one she is practicing to give professionally on Medical Identity Theft. Interesting on how people can take your identity. You always learn something new at Toastmasters. The Table Topics was conducted by Rodger in which he gave a word to the participant and had the participants guess what the word meant before Rodger giving the group the real definition. Quite the responses for that question. Great energy and people as always. Till next week.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recap of our Saturday, December 11 Meeting

We had a wonderful meeting last Saturday. Our guest speaker, Julia Taylor spoke about Three Collaboration Principles and gave a great example of its use on how they designed the Boeing 777. We also got to interview a long-time member of our club, Irina. The word of the day was very unique. In fact, the word was unheard of by many of our attendees. The word was Spizerinctum (noun) which meant a person filled with vim, vigor and vitality. The theme was equally unique, we talked about dangerous neighborhoods. The theme came up because of the event in Escondido in which the authorities had to destroy the "bomb house" this week. Next week, Saturday Savants will have a potluck and our theme is breakfast. So bring a guest and your appetite.